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Hover DNS Configs for Heroku Apps

Date: 2015-10-16
Status: release
Tags: heroku dns deployment

If you register a domain from Hover.com, it is easy to point that domain at a Heroku app.

Let's pretend I registered example.com for this example.


In Hover
  • Go to https://www.hover.com/domains
  • Hover over your domain and click "Edit"
    • you should be taken to the domain page and that page should have tabs. You should be on the "Domain Details" tab
  • forward this domain to http://www.example.com. Click "Edit" and forward the domain. You don't need to check the "Enable stealth redirection" checkbox.
  • Click on the "DNS" tab
    • Click "Add New" button - specify "www" as the hostname. Specify "CNAME" for the Record Type, and "Value" should be the name of your Heroku App, like appname.herokuapp.com
In Heroku

Go to your App's settings page. Under the "Domains" section, click the "Add Domain" button, and specify www.example.com. The DNS Target defaults to your app's URL.

Test & Verify

The result is that visiting example.com will forward to www.example.com, which will be properly pointed at your Heroku App appname.herokuapp.com.