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15 days
Considerations for creating and maintaining a website
web design website

21 days
Notes on Solano County finances
public finance solano county california

25 days
How to parse a public agenda
public comment public meeting agenda chat gpt

29 days
Vacaville City Council - Public Comment
public comment vacaville

about 1 month
Understanding Unfunded Pension Liability
chatgpt finance opendata pensions

about 2 months

3 months
Thank you _unwriter
chatgpt eventdriven programming bitcoin bitcoinsv

3 months
4 hypothetical scenarios if a top 20 US bank becomes insolvent on more than $150B of assets
chatgpt finance debt

3 months
Working asynchronously
remotework opensource async

3 months
A System to Mint NFTs
chatgpt crypto mint

3 months
Hebbian associative learning
chatgpt elixir neural networks

3 months
How to establish a public data registry
data registry chatgpt

4 months
Standard data and Schema.org

4 months
Bitcoin Script

4 months
typescript programming

4 months
Elixir Notes & Commands
ruby elixir code

4 months
Open vs Closed Markets
economics markets choice

4 months
Open source business
open source software programming

4 months
A proposal for a city ordinance advocating to preferential treatment of cryptocurrency
crypto ordinance

4 months
Cardano Questions
crypto cardano

4 months
Citizen Participation
civic participation engagement CX

4 months
Quantum key distribution (QKD)
qkd quantum

4 months
A general checklist for refactoring a CRUD system to an event-driven CQRS system
software patterns crud cqrs

4 months
Tracking taxes
tax citizens systems finance

5 months
Personal overflow of ideas
ideas workflow gtd action

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