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13 days
Personal overflow of ideas
ideas workflow gtd action

about 1 month
The relatively small surface area of nonprofits limit impact

about 1 month
Packaging up a TypeScript library for use in a browser
javascript elixir esbuild jungle bus

about 2 months
Machine Learning

about 2 months
5 reasons why open sourcing data is economically viable
opensource opendata askhapi

3 months
People + Technology as the base unit in a socio-technical System, like an Organization
sociotechnical systemsthinking

6 months
What's does the most transparent city look like?
transparency city

8 months
State, as a first level derivative
cqrs event sourcing video

8 months
Personal preferences
user-centered design bitcoin preferences profile interaction

12 months
nfts ethereum generativeart

12 months
Pixel Palettes BSV
color design nfts bitcoin bsv relayx generative

12 months
Research on governance
civic research

about 1 year
Assessing a software product portfolio
product management software portfolio measurement

over 1 year
fgieger's youtube channel
bitcoin video

over 1 year
Toward Strongly-typed Organizational Ontologies
ontology product management strategy vocabulary

over 1 year
Integrated Value Model Poster at IAC 21
visualization ivm strategy mapping

almost 2 years
Upgrading BitcoinSV Node 1.06 to 1.0.7.beta
docker bitcoin bitcoind

about 3 years
Category Theory

about 3 years
A Unified Interface to Government
public ux

about 3 years
Systemic Dependencies for Public Service
government visualization d3

about 3 years
Knowledge Work
gtd work

about 3 years
Spacemouse Tinkercad
3d web design

about 3 years
Saving and Loading .json in Three.js
threejs json

over 3 years
Ideas are seeds. A startup is a garden.
ideas startup process

over 3 years
MVC (Model View Controller)
MVC design patterns

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