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Building Wittle/Adaptics

Date: 2014-04-02
Status: draft
Tags: ideas organization interaction design art

Original - 2014-04-02


The project uses Rails 4.0 and Ruby 2.0.

Working Docs


  • create moving (dynamic) view-based objects based on a database (or ruby models). visualize all Rails models as CRC cards, with links
  • Use PageStacks .js to generate an isometric sitemap from .json
  • 3d Isometric Map Layouts
  • highlight a list of URL's (maybe by bookmark) in the dropdown.

objects with ID's exist somewhere load objects onto canvas arrange them. save the visual object. .json

in an html page, expose the data objects in their own UI. and wire up UI and the Controller logic.


Take these notes Make the stickies in a web-based UI Allow them to be dragged (and stored in a persistent way)

written text -> digital text

lines & coordinates

Update - Dec 17, 2016

I've spun up another app, called "Adaptics", which is using a Rails backend, with Ember.js to drive dynamic visualizations.