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Public Information means "Online"

Date: 2010-03-16
Status: draft
Tags: data nonprofit opengov project transparency

The Sunlight Foundation is kicking off its Public=Online initiative.

Per the website:

This campaign is focused on getting government to pass the transparency laws we need - laws that put government data online in real-time - by building a demand for transparency that is so large it cannot be ignored. Ultimately, we are ensuring public officials answer to us for making government transparent by telling them how important it is for hundreds of thousands of us.

I'm excited to see this initiative and expression of support for transparent government. I have been working to support transparency in public agencies for the last 9+ years, working with local agencies, publishing financial data, and administrative/board documents for Solano County, and for a public Charter School in Vallejo. Yet, often it has felt like a solo-mission.

The push for transparency will not be realized overnight, but with a coordinated effort from Sunlight, I believe it will empower thousands to contribute in meaningful ways that will have a tangible effect on the quality of governance in America in the coming years.

As the public begins to expect open data, the playing-field changes. Public officials will be held to higher scrutiny for sure; yet, the real value comes in better understanding how our governance structure operates, what its outcomes are, and how citizens can participate in our representative democracy.

MoreQuality falls squarely inline with this large transparency push and will continue its work supporting transparency; an idea that appears to be taking hold en-masse. Bravo Sunlight for all you have done for this effort. This is truly a remarkable time in history. In years time, this, I believe, will be remembered as "THE" start.