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Pondering "Bounded Rationality"

Date: 2011-03-17
Status: draft
Tags: book notes systems

In the book "Thinking in Systems" by Donnella Meadows, once a Professor of < > at < >. The book was published post-humously, as Ms. Meadows passed away < > ( source ).

She explores Systems in a very accessible way. Beginning with simple system Structure input => Stock => Output Types (Relationships) Reinforcing loop Balance loop Decreasing loop Studied in isolation, we can observe patterns. Yet, the reality of daily living across the planet is exceedingly complex to model. Even as two systems that are related in some way increase variability, just as a second variable in an algebraic equation. Visualizing Law is very important. Too complex to easily comprehend. Being able to navigate the ENTIRE body of law, should be a primary goal, unless it has already been undertaken. Visualizing the links between cases, based on citation. Municode.