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Date: 2023-06-07
Status: release
Tags: local business advertising signage coffee tv

A local coffee shop hangs a flat screen tv on the wall. When the screen works, it shows a slideshow of static, local ads.

Its like a local advertising magazine, but digitized. When it works.

One day when I was ordering a coffee, I noticed the screen was off.

The small business had a bit of turnover, and thus a lapse in the ability to update the ads with newly designed ads.

A few weeks later, the screen is back on, and I noticed the ads were updated. Great!

And then the screen was off again. Issues with cafe wifi broke the connectivity with the ad device for the television, and they hadn't been able to resolve the issue for several more days.

So, the screen was off.

Here's an instance where there are some good things in place. The intent is there. Things are purchased. But execution isn't quite there, and thus the overall experience is diminished, for patrons, staff, and the advertising platform.

Thus, here's an instance where we can do better.

More to come on what put together in a hack session, and how local ad experiences might evolve.