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Guidelines: * A framework for open iteration * Be able to: ### Backlog [ ] Stub a basic flow. [ ] Give the flow a visual direction and a stated text, purpose. [ ] Add Resources (People) to a Desired Flow [ ] Add To-Do's. (Things that need to get done) [ ] Add Why's. (Why Things need to be done. Best practice, policy, regulation [internal/external] ) Test Case: 1. Create new flow "Test Flow" direction = up to the right down to the right goal = "map multiple items through completion" start = "immediately" 1. Create 3 Users: Admin Internal User External User 1. Create 3 intermediary steps 1. Create a conditional step Test each condition As a long-time user of Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, I've grown to love vectors and their mathematical scalability. I also used to used lots of Flash and really liked the basic shape based vector editing, tweening, and animating capabilities. #farreachinggoal: interactive visualizations (animations) In 2010, I was pleased to see Prezi come along and used a vector and embrace the scalability of vectors and the notion of different layers and sizes of text.