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Document and Image Viewing

In about 2007, I wrote a Rails application to search, index, and display stored documents in Sungard Bi-Tech' s IFAS (Integrated Financial Accounting System). In 2007, Sungard Bi-Tech's Document Viewer was upgraded and as a consequence, we lost the ability to view and search for document images online. Instead, users were required to install a viewer client on their desktop. The project I embarked upon was to re-enable the very critical functionality of document searching on the web. Additionally, Solano County made extensive use of document imaging in a custom fashion. Rather than assigning an system identifier to every document scanned, documents already had a unique, incremented Claim Number on each claim. And batches of 300-500 were scanned in at a time. When they were uploaded, a beginning and ending claim number was assigned to the file, and each claim was indexed to the overall file, enabling a user to search directly for a claim within a larger file.