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Thank you _unwriter

Series: Bitcoin
Date: 2023-03-19
Status: release
Tags: chatgpt eventdriven programming bitcoin bitcoinsv
This Entry is part of the Series Bitcoin.

_unwriter is a developer who has contributed to the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain ecosystem with several notable projects. The technical details and significance of some of his works are summarized below:

  • Bitcom: _unwriter introduced the concept of "Bitcom" - a new protocol layer on top of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Bitcom allows developers to create and interact with data-driven applications on the blockchain. This layer adds a new dimension to the BSV ecosystem, enabling the creation of new types of decentralized applications that were not previously possible on the blockchain.
  • Datapay: Datapay is a simple and user-friendly library for developers to create Bitcoin transactions on the BSV blockchain. With Datapay, developers can create and broadcast transactions without having to write complex code or understand the underlying details of the Bitcoin protocol. This library has helped to lower the barrier to entry for developers who want to build on the BSV blockchain.
  • Planaria: Planaria is a set of tools and services that allow developers to build scalable, real-time data applications on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It enables the creation of complex applications that can handle high volumes of data and transactions, while maintaining a high level of reliability and security. Planaria also includes several useful tools such as Bitbus, a real-time indexing and querying system for the blockchain.
  • Bitsocket: Bitsocket is a real-time streaming API for the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It allows developers to subscribe to specific data events on the blockchain and receive real-time updates as new data is added. This feature is particularly useful for developers who want to create real-time applications or monitor specific events on the blockchain.

_unwriter's work is significant because it has helped to expand the functionality and potential use cases of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. His contributions have made it easier for developers to build on the blockchain, which has led to the creation of new types of decentralized applications and services. Additionally, his work has helped to increase the scalability and reliability of the BSV blockchain, making it a more attractive option for enterprise-level applications.

Update December 2023:

The most comprehensive list of _unwriter's projects I've seen is at https://unwriter.net/

Update January 2024:

Recently, several of unwriter's domains went offline. The Planaria docs, which were (and still are) some of the best instructions and narrative I've seen written about bitcoin.