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Research on governance

Series: Civics
Date: 2022-01-30
Status: draft
Tags: civic research
This Entry is part of the Series Civics.

Introducing a Public Agency Networking Platform towards supporting Connected Governance

  • public agencies share objectives across organizational boundaries
  • propose a "Public Agency Networking Platform"
  • connected governance and "whole-of-government" approach - reuse and sharing of data and information
  • "the existence of a 'central portal' acting as a 'single access point' for all services is essential
  • an "active life event" portal has also been proposed - the platform resembles a Virtual Representative
  • 3 main objectives: 1. improving government processes, 2. connecting citizens, 3. enabling interactions between public agencies
  • delivery channels can be optimized such that it improves the quality of both services and the delivery to government and citizens simultaneously

Towards a Personalized E-Government Platform

  • phase 1: informational - phase 2: unidirectional - phase 3: transactional
  • the goal of e-Gov is to allow the client to interact with the gov in an efficient, transparent, secure way
  • bridging organizational silos is a challenge to providing unified services