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Series: Bitcoin
Date: 2022-02-14
Status: release
Tags: nfts ethereum generativeart
This Entry is part of the Series Bitcoin.

Following up on Pixel Palettes, I continued to explore the code and the process as well. I'm starting to think of it a bit like "digital letterpress."

Getting into this again takes me way back. The golden days of the web were k10k.net and joshua davis and 2advanced - so many more worth mentioning... in another post.

And I was introduced to generative art via Macromedia Flash and ActionScript, which was similar to JavaScript. Manny Tan at Uncontrol and Yugo Nakamura at Yugop were other inspirations. GMunk, Folkert at Superfamous, Mike Cina.

Looking back my design influences heavily colored my experience with computers as a digital read-WRITE medium; a tool for creation.

Rainbits evolved from Pixel Palettes.

Notably, the grid changed, and more layers of colors are revealed, creating a fluid, yet varied pattern. I tried to letting it breath with a bit of whitespace between the lines, and have them reach up off the page. Yet, when viewed, the lines tend to flow down; thus Rainbits.

Evolving my methods and process, bit by bit, I factored in a background variable, resulting dark variants, in addition to the light variants.

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