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Upgrading BitcoinSV Node 1.06 to 1.0.7.beta

Date: 2021-02-02
Tags: docker bitcoin bitcoind

This post is a follow-up to Docker and Bitcoin.

I've been running bitcoind again recently, and I saw a tweet today that nChain released 1.0.7.

Here's what I'll be getting into:

  • Update Docker image
  • Restart bitcoind

Updating Docker image

  • run docker build --tag=bsv-1-0-7-beta-node-image .

Running the created Docker image

docker run -v your-volume-name:/bitcoinsv --name=bsv-node-107-beta -d \ -p 8333:8333 \ -p 8332:8332 \ -p 28332:28332 \ bsv-1-0-7-beta-node-image:latest

  • Get your volume name using docker volume ls