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The Fullest-stack

Date: 2017-05-07
Status: release
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The term full-stack developer has become more popular over the last ten years. Software and software development has increased on the whole, and as part of the natural progression of differentiation and specialization - full-stack developer/engineer is a thing.

There is an interesting line between Developer and Engineer. Mostly, Engineers correcting me calling them Developers. Of note, I don't recall addressing an Engineering team and any of them saying, no, we're Developers - or Architects , or Designers, or System-designers. Engineering.. got it.

Well, user-centered design turns technology on its head a bit. Where code-writers were once gatekeepers - those who knew file extensions, compile paths, and server-fu to deploy an application - held the keys.

Now, platforms exist where components can be cobbled together, fiddled-with, and deployed.

The point is, the locus of value is shifting in organizations, outside organizations, and thus, within the marketplace. Software engineering is a concretized form of systems-design. The design I'm most interested in extends beyond software, to the systems the people who use the technology operate within --- teams, departments, organizations, industries.