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Pitchdecks are about clear ideas

Date: 2016-03-13
Status: release
Tags: communication idea

On Slideshare, PitchDeckCoach shares a Sample Pitchdeck that covers:

  • Problem, Solution
  • Product, Market
  • Business Model
  • Traction, Market, Competition
  • Growth, Financials, Funding
  • Team, and Unique Advantages

Elevator Pitch Mad-lib

Slide 18

[Your Company Name] is
[your solution] for
[your target customers & users].

We help [customers & users] solve
[this problem with these benefits].

We're initially targeting [market].
We make our money by [your business model].
We acquire customers by [acquisition strategy].
Our lifetime value of customer (LTV) is [X] of Customer Acquisiton Cost (CAC).

We have [team advantage], [tech advantage], [traction], [scalability story], [moat / unique value prop]