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Trello Hacks - Migrating Card Activity comments to Cards

Date: 2016-02-20
Status: release
Tags: trello github gist

Yesterday, I was participating in a Customer Development interview. Our team decided to use Trello to manage the project, so we decided to keep notes in the Board.

For this particular interview, I created a single Card for it, and proceeded to create an Activity entry for each comment.

At the end of the interview, I captured 35 comments. My partner in the interview also captured about 15 comments, but her's were on Post-It notes.

She decided to transcribe her Post-Its into Cards on a List within the Board.

For parity, I offered to move my comments in Activity to proper Card objects, and here's a Ruby script I used to do it:


I'm writing about it because I'm sure I'll be using again. Perhaps you may find it helpful as well.