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Innovation Seeking Stability

Date: 2013-01-13
Status: release
Tags: notes

What if we embraced the stability seeking behavior of government, rather than criticize it for its inefficiencies?

Efficiency isn't the purpose of government, but being inefficient is neither desired nor tolerable. Therefore, the middle ground of comfortable stability should be embraced.

Stability isn't found on the poles, but rather in balance.

The polarized political and media ecosystems promise a false sense of hope in polarizing approaches and solutions, emphasizing the drama built on the inherent tensions of invalid solutions.

We should celebrate improvement, especially sustainable improvements. Innovation is part of moving things forward. Maintaining stable scaffolding (infrastructure) is also necessary to support the extent of our collective innovations - to support the increasing complexities of our world. From an information standpoint, maintaining structure along with the complexity will require more energy, and thus more collective coordination as well.