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Heroku's 1-click Deploy Button

Date: 2015-09-10
Status: release
Tags: heroku programming devops

I was reading a code repository in GitHub today, and I saw a Deploy to Heroku button. Inspired by its power and simplicity, I clicked it, and was taken to a new Application screen where I could define a few custom variables, and deploy an application on Heroku. How easy is that?!

I created civic-bot as an excuse to use the Heroku one-click deploy myself.

There are many efforts underway to simplify the creation and maintenance of virtual computing environments - Docker, Chef, Ansible, and many more.

Heroku simplifies software deployment, scaling, and management through an easy to use interface — the virtual environments built atop S3 are orchestrated automatically from there.

Consider using Heroku's 1-click deploy button for your project, or create a 1-click deploy button of your own. In any case, do yourself a favor and simplify the ops of your website or application.