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Handup - Give Directly

Date: 2013-11-03
Status: release
Tags: Handup

As a child, I looked forward to hand-me-downs. A neighbor's older child would grow up - from elementary to middle school, or middle school to high school - and I'd end up with a bag of clothes to sort through, taking what I wanted, and passing the rest along.

My mom used to tell me often, "Find a good home" for this or that, rather than throwing something away. Today, I'm hard-pressed to throw away usable items that I no longer have an active use for.

If people were more able to share directly, what effects would that have for a community, city, or industry? The only thing we can do is find out.

The merits of access over ownership are becoming more widely known. With Handup, you can take a picture of an Item, and make it available to a defined Giving List.