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Building bigdata apps on AWS

Date: 2015-10-19
Status: draft
Tags: bigdata

I love Amazon's Popup Loft here in SF. Just up Market Street from where I work in downtown San Francisco, Amazon has a small space where they offer demos and trainings for AWS users.

I signed up for online training about building big data apps. Bigdata apps are a different breed than traditional desktop and web applications of the past. Specifically, beyond the user interface, big data apps focus on ingesting and analyzing large amounts of data for consumption in other portions of the app - parts of the app that are likely non-user facing. Examples of this type of data-crunching might be in-depth analysis on costs - averages, trends, or summary datasets that are based upon the basic transactional data - but too expensive to run at runtime.

In any case, here are some of the materials from that course. I'd recommend signing up for a webinar or visiting your local AWS Popup Loft.