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Website Design Process

Date: 2015-05-18
Status: draft
Tags: 2009

An Afomi Project Plan includes the following Site Documentation:

  • Content Inventory - List all possible content to be included on the project. Example: items: forms, data. Be sure to consider business processes.
  • Concept Model - Visual Diagram of System, possibly in UML notation
  • System Features - Text: list and narrative
  • Programming - Activity: This should be a formality. A precise transcription from what is already determined in the Concept Model.
    • Class listing
    • Attributes
    • Methods
    • Define their relationships (design in UML based on the Concept Model)
  • Technology Management
    • Environment
    • Operating System
    • Database
    • Web application framework (libraries and specs)
  • Website design
    • Site map and Navigation - Visual representation of high-level Site Organization and Content Finding mechanisms.
    • Flowcharts - Visual representations of:
    • A sequence of pages
    • A sequence of user interactions
    • A sequence of page interactions
    • Wireframes
  • Screen designs - Precise Visual Representations of what will be on screen
    • UI design should be a formality. UI's should be a precise transcription from what is already determined in the Screen Design.
  • Task List - timeframes optional if the project is open-ended

Plan Document Execute Plan

And always communicate.

Business Strategy Exercises

  • Personas - the potential types of users. New User, experiences, infrequent, gender, demographic, etc.
  • Usability Testing - Activity and Report
  • Competitive Analysis - Research and Report

Key Takeaways

  • Forms
  • Project Documentation
  • Professional Support Services