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Agile.pics, or Graphvizzle 2.0

Date: 2015-01-05
Status: release
Tags: graphviz diagrams agile.pics visualization collaboration git gist

Given that the original intent of Graphvizzle was to enable other people to share diagrams, and given that I've already created Agile.pics, I decided to shutdown Graphvizzle.com.

Tonight, I spent a few minutes creating Gists out of the Graphviz diagrams I had published out to Graphvizzle.com, then proceeded to shutdown the site, which I haven't updated after publishing Agile.pics.

Graphvizzle was an experiment. I wanted to share Graphviz diagrams, and I found viz.js and Jekyll around the same time. In good maker fashion, I added the 2 technologies together and in short-time, had a nice basic site that I could update with GitHub Pages and share my little diagrams. The experiment has yielded learnings (success!), and thus, it is time to move.

I'm always happy to simplify my life by reducing the number of 'open loops' at any given moment. And, I'm happy with how Agile.pics is working for me. I encourage you to give it a try!

Here's an example of my Personal Workflow, in the form of a Graphviz diagram on the web:


Please get in touch if you decided to give Agile.pics a try.