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Ruby Notes

Date: 2010-03-14
Status: release
Tags: ruby notes

Ruby Require vs. Include Include vs Require

You must first Require a file/codebase. Requires takes a string as an argument. For example:

require "code"
load "code.rb"

You must then "include" a module or class. Instead of a string, inlude takes a constant for an argument. For example:

include ClassName

I was looking into the differences between Classes and Modules. A Class can be made into a new instance of an object, but a Module cannot. A Module can contain the same things as a Class, but is used typically to extend of modify the behavior the Class that includes a "Module". Including a Module is often referred to a "mix-in".

I found this link about mixins particularly helpful.

Now, I can consolidate my custom code into Classes and Modules more appropriately.