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GTD Workflow Diagram

Date: 2014-02-16
Status: release
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GTD Workflow

The Weekly Review

  • Loose Papers (Collect)
  • Process Notes (Process)
  • Review Calendar (Review)
  • Empty your Head (Collect)
  • Review Action Items (Review)
  • Review Waiting For List (Review)
  • Review Project List (and Larger Outcomes) List
  • Review any other Checklists
  • Be Creative and Do!


  • Collect
  • Process
  • Organize
  • Review
  • Do

The "Tickler" file

The Tickler list need only be referred to once per week. On (Sundays), items scheduled for the week are allocated to their respective days.

When just beginning, the Tickler file isn't used much, as not-too-many events are scheduled there. But as you get going and build up your system, the Tickler becomes a convenient way to handle time-specific tasks.