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O'Reilly Open Government

Date: 2010-11-17
Status: draft
Tags: book notes

Research for Transparency O’Reilly Open Government p53, p69, p106

Committess of Correspondence MQ to bridge NGO’s mission with the reality and complexity of governance

Clearly identify the focus on shared ends - then share and distribute such information. There is a need to teach an older generation who would not normally receive formal training on the usages of technology, so they will not clearly understand the realistic possibilities.

Get familiar with their budgets. Lean collaboration with other agencies to solve common problems. Data training for all management, databases, systems, and inputs, outputs, guidelines, constraints & challenges.

As an IT motto - develop self-sustaining systems, provide adequate documentation to enable successful management of a system post-project. A focus should be on quantity and quality of reliable systems, with as low of administrative requirements as possible.

Introduction & analysis of current situation Clear open communication, full disclosure of intent & assumptions. Systems approach to solve high-level to detailed issues. Solano responsive to the organization (internally) and to the public (externally)

Help wit public perception

Addressing difficult issues by mobilizing the public in a cooperative, collaborative manner.

What are the issues inside & outside the county?

Innovations Managment > Sustainability IT is only a tool NOT an end in itself.

Making better use of limited resources. Helping to solve problems.

What do they want? What can I offer? What do I want to offer? Change the way we do things. Appeal to needs. Result-oriented.

Build internal teams and external demand w Public Communications Officer - Steve Pierce & Legislative Analysts. Partnering with other organizations who solve the same issues. Focusing on more valuable work - being a model, a leading organization. Breaking down problems - distributing power to where necessary to solve & avoid problems through very frequent/constant feed back.