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Date: 2012-12-31
Status: idea
Tags: nag quantifiedself

Nag lives at https://github.com/afomi/nag

The concept of Nag is basically:

A personal microjournal that can optionally be shared out into social streams. The user's consciousness is at the center of the designed user experience.

Working Documents

Slides about Nag

Old Notes

Life Happens


keep notes snapshot pictures of them then digitize them think of things then post them up/downstream I have 3 email accounts:

Personal Afomi MQ

Each of those accounts have:

New/Unread Follow Ups (marked with a red exclamation point) Drafts Starred (marked with a yellow star) Gmail/Checkmark I also use:

Trello (with several boards) The actions that I want to encourage are:

Reading emails Checking off emails as complete (green checkmark) Completing Trello Cards Checking off Google Tasks

I put it all into Nag. I want to maximize my score and limit my WIP.