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Notes from chatting with Andric

Date: 2022-06-11
Status: idea
Tags: notes systems design

Compiled some notes after our call. Did I miss out anything?

Coherence between multiple levels of “resolution” in product development

Mapping out systems / processes in order to understand reality at different resolutions

3D gives a different dimension. You can “zoom in” and “zoom out” of different levels of resolution, a la Google Maps

If the dimensions are not defined, then it’s not a map, but a diagram

Using blockchain as a common data layer for productivity apps to live on top

Maps can be made independent of the underlying data

One reason for incoherence is how information is stored in a dozen different apps, or in video calls, whiteboards, post-its, etc – not integrated. Copy and paste doesn’t actually “copy”; references between information aren’t preserved.

How do we educate people to think fluently in systems?

Possible reason: People are afraid to be wrong

One possible way: Disarm people through child-like play. It’s okay to be wrong! As long as there are guardrails

Systems thinking / product development as a video game

Bret Victor’s UI is playful and is almost like a video game

Decision making coach / linter

Can help consultants, senior practitioners, but also executives, frame their thinking