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Working in the open requires...

Date: 2024-06-05
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Working in the open requires bravery. Committing information into a project (a git repo), shaping an information artifact, is a creative act. With the web as a medium, we have unprecedented opportunities to collaborate with and connect with others across the world who share some interests.

What can be done to get more people collaborating more effectively on more meaningful problems?

What are some ways open source communities foster human respect and collaboration?

I like your project, I want to clone it and contribute. I have some feedback for your project, here's an Issue or Feature request. Let's chat about it. I went ahead and extended the project in some way. I created a pull request.

These activities make an assumption that contributors have agency; the ability to contribute, the ability to change the environment.

Open-source projects move forward through contributions. Contributions to issues, as ideas, questions, or features requests. Contributions in code, from working samples, to additional tests. Contributions to documentation and maintaining up to date steps on how to get a project running.

To contribute to an open-source effort assumes action.

No assumptions will be made about what it takes to make use of open source work.