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CX and saturating public services

Series: Civics
Date: 2023-08-11
Status: release
Tags: civics cx performance metrics analytics
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Customer Experience, or CX, is about improving the user experience for people as they experience an organization's products and/or services.

There are different ways to measure CX; from structured likert scale questions to open-text feedback, to observed objective data.

Focusing on the public sector, sometimes, these measurements feel open-ended and difficult to conceive of a Definition of Done.

Thus, I want to float the idea about public services seeking to saturate the target population with opt-in services.

Basically, if there are 30,000,000 people in a jurisdiction, all 30,000,000 or whatever subset of people those eligibility criteria apply to, all those people should be able to easily opt-into or assertively opt out of specific programs.

What is the Denominator?

Rather than a public service like VA or Medicare serve 100,000 or 150,000 people, which is impressive. But number go up metrics are vanity metrics. What is the Denominator? What is the upper bound of population we should be targeting, and how can we effectively, responsibly, and reliably deliver services in a more proactive fashion?