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Considerations for creating and maintaining a website

Date: 2023-05-26
Status: draft
Tags: web design website

In 2023, a website is an assumed requirement of basically every organization. Websites vary in quality, function, and cost; and business owners should be aware of considerations related to the upfront and ongoing costs of managing the website for their business.

Websites vary in quality and function; from basic brochure-ware, that functions like a digital flyer, to something more complex that offers dynamic features like email, chat, shopping cart, or other types of payment options.

Websites also vary in cost, from monthly payments to commodity build-and-host-it-yourself website tools like Squarespace or Wix, or Wordpress – to more custom solutions where a web designer, agency, or firm manage the website in a more holistic way.

Ultimately, it is important to understand what building and maintaining a website entails, so you can manage toward the right solution for your business. A website should help your business be discoverable online, help inform new and existing customers, and if appropriate, support transactions and drive revenue for your business.

Upfront expenses

  • purchasing a website domain, like my-new-website.com, costs about $20-30 each year, and you'll need to register a domain for at least a year, to get started
  • designing your website will initially cost about $50, if using a website template, up to several thousand dollars for a custom design

Monthly expenses

  • monthly web hosting costs vary from $10-50 and higher, depending on web traffic and features. most small business can do well for $50 or less per month
  • paying somebody to update the website's design
  • paying somebody to update content on the website - or do it yourself

Annual expenses

  • Website domain

Optional expenses

  • website redesign
  • landing page design
  • website marketing
  • shopping cart features
  • payment features
  • cryptocurrency integration
  • email features
  • customer surveys and feedback
  • social media account content and management

Websites are no longer a nice-to-have for business. A website is a must. And the design of a website has an impact on your customer's experience, as they discover or interact with your business.

If you're looking for assistance with a new or existing website, get in touch.