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A proposal for a city ordinance advocating to preferential treatment of cryptocurrency

Series: Civics
Date: 2023-02-08
Status: release
Tags: crypto ordinance
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Subject: Proposed City Ordinance for the Promotion of Cryptocurrency Adoption

Introduction: Cryptocurrency has emerged as a revolutionary form of currency that offers numerous advantages over traditional fiat currency. It has the potential to promote financial inclusion, increase transparency, and enhance security in financial transactions. However, despite its numerous benefits, the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency has been hindered by a lack of support from government entities.

Purpose: The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the adoption and usage of cryptocurrency within the city by providing preferential treatment to individuals and businesses who choose to use this form of currency.

Key provisions:

  • Tax incentives: Businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment will be eligible for tax incentives in the form of reductions in their business tax liabilities.
  • Merchant services: The city will provide merchant services, such as payment processing and wallet management, to businesses that choose to adopt cryptocurrency.
  • Promotion of education and awareness: The city will invest in educational initiatives to increase awareness and understanding of cryptocurrency among the general public, including school programs and public information campaigns.
  • Partnership with cryptocurrency businesses: The city will partner with cryptocurrency businesses to promote the use of cryptocurrency and support its growth and development.

Conclusion: By adopting this ordinance, the city will establish itself as a leader in the promotion of cryptocurrency adoption and usage. This will result in numerous benefits for the city, including increased economic activity, job creation, and improved financial stability. By providing preferential treatment to individuals and businesses that choose to use cryptocurrency, the city will encourage the adoption of this innovative technology, which will lead to a more secure, transparent, and inclusive financial system.