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5 reasons why open sourcing data is economically viable

Series: Civics
Date: 2022-12-03
Status: release
Tags: opensource opendata askhapi
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  1. Increased innovation: Open sourcing data encourages the development of new ideas and solutions, providing access to innovative and creative solutions that would not be possible without open access.
  2. Improved efficiency: Open sourcing data allows data to be used more efficiently, reducing costs associated with collecting and storing data.
  3. Reduced duplication of effort: Open sourcing data allows data to be shared instead of being collected and stored by each separate organization, leading to less time and money being spent on repetitive tasks.
  4. Increased visibility: Open sourcing data makes the data available to all, leading to better decision making and more effective management of resources.
  5. Enhanced collaboration: Open sourcing data encourages collaboration between different organizations, leading to the development of better products and services. This can help reduce costs associated with developing products and services.

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